About Steven Hrotic

I’m a cognitive anthropologist, specializing in religion and the social use of narratives.  My work (and personality!) are determinedly interdisciplinary:   I’ve studied music, religion and anthropology at the University of Vermont, studied cognitive science at Queen’s Belfast, and have completed postdoctoral work with biologists at the University of Utrecht and with philosophers at the University of North Texas.

I’ve recently written a book surveying the history of religion in science fiction literature for Bloomsbury Academic, part of the series Scientific Studies of Religion:  Inquiry and Explanation.  This blog is intended to complement the book, and give me a place to put any other genre science fiction (“gSF”) related thoughts and finds.

Unless specifically attributed to me, all images are borrowed:  if you are the copyright holder of one of these images and would like it to be removed, please send me a message with the details.

Regarding all text posted here, it’s all mine, except for attributed quotes.  “All rights reserved.”  (So there!)


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